Build your own LEGO Shipping Containers

Every LEGO® City mockup needs some shipping containers – so I set out to build my very own and share them with you. These cargo containers are a smaller 6-stud wide variety built out of bricks and panels. They are designed to fit on standard 6 stud wide trains and trucks for transport.

What you need to build your LEGO Shipping Container

The fundamental elements to build a LEGO® shipping container are simple – the challenge is making it uniquely yours. The second hurdle is having enough bricks or panels to make several containers. But with my technique I break-up the build adding interesting elements like utility boxes, ladders and more – so you need less bricks!

Deconstructed lego shipping container with a Swedish flag

The container frame & doors

The first step is to decide on the size of your container – in this case the base is 6 studs wide and 14 studs long. You can make the container any width or length based on the quantity of bricks you have.

Once you have the base size you then add the feet with 2×2 plates. Makes sure to add a 1×6 tile under the doors so they can open.

Then you create the hinge supports with 1×1 bricks and the modified brick with vertical grip. The doors are 6 studs high and use the modified plate with handle for the hinges.


Lego shipping container walls

SHipping Container Walls

There are a variety of ways to make LEGO® shipping container walls using tiles, bricks and panels. The easiest and most flexible way is to use bricks or panels.

To create brick based walls use the modified log or groove brick. They allow you to quickly build out any configuration you can imagine and frame a logo or brand area (the Swedish Flag for example). The corrugated panel works as well especially if you want large areas of color.

Wall Parts:

Customize your new Lego Shipping Containers

This is the best part of the build – you can customize the container walls and roof in any way you can imagine. I chose to make a Swedish flag out of bricks and add in some ladders and utility boxes to add interest to my LEGO® shipping containers. 

I find that these small details really make a build stand out. You can play with the corner connections, hinge colors, bars , different size tiles, vents, ladders and more.

Lego shipping containers in grey, yellow and blue with small canisters of gas and wooden cargo palettes

Try A whole new style

After developing my Swedish Cargo Shipping Containers I wanted to play around with a different style and see what else I could do with shipping containers. I decided to develop a post-apocalypse style house in a desolate dessert landscape. By mixing tan, dark tan and gray I created a weathered looking container. I expanded the container to 8 studs wide, knocked out section from the wall for the windows, added a grate for the door and the obligatory satellite dish.

Post-Apocalyptic Lego shipping container with tan and grey lego bricks, grate door, radar dish and ladder in a desert mockup

So the humble LEGO® shipping container is a very basic building concept – with infinite possibilities. It can be transported by boat, truck or train and turned into a house, base or desert outpost – the only limit is your own imagination.

Cargo Terminal with lego train, lego truck, shipping containers and chemical canisters

Swedish Cargo Company Theme instructions

I built these LEGO® shipping containers specifically to work with my Swedish Cargo Company theme of trucks and trains. Once you have made your own containers you may want to check out my instructions to build out your own transport services!

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