Developing the Lego Swedish Cargo Company Theme

The Swedish Cargo Company is my very first complete LEGO® theme. My goal was to create a line of playable shipping trains, trucks and planes with the matching shipping accessories. The whole theme would feature LEGO® builds that are interchangeable and cohesive in their color and build techniques.

lego brick design style

the Theme color and brick design

The blue and yellow Swedish flag was the inspiration for the Swedish Cargo Company look and feel. Before building out the full theme I first made several small 4×10 stud brick samples.

I wanted to explore what additional colors, textures, prints and bricks would make for a flexible yet cohesive Swedish branded look.

The final LEGO® Brick color theme

Through the LEGO® brick exploration I narrowed in on my design build rules. The black and dark bluish grey was to be used for all the undercarriages and mechanical components of the vehicles. The light bluish grey and blue was for the main body of the vehicles and LEGO® shipping containers. Finally the yellow and black hazard markings where to be integrated in some small way into every model.











Swedish Cargo Company LEGO® Train

After doing some explorative builds I decided my first challenge would be to develop a cargo train with its associated shipping containers. These would be moved and transported into the LEGO® City by various forklifts, trucks, planes and more.

Cargo Train Engines

For the Swedish LEGO® cargo train I wanted to keep everything small – very similar to a narrow gauge railway. The thought process was that the small size was not only unique but also more accesible since it requires less parts. With the smaller footprint the train also looks better going around the tight curves of the LEGO® track. Add 3-4 small train cars and you pack in a lot of play possibility in a small area.

Currently I have two small narrow gauge engine designs for the theme – the latest is the new Powered Up Cargo Train Engine. This engine integrates the LEGO® Powered Up bluetooth hub directly into the body of the train. The second is an even smaller version that does not have a motor. I plan on expanding on this line of engines with slightly larger versions and a Powered Up solution for small non-motorized engines.

The Cargo Train Cars

A train needs cars and rather then repeating what I have already seen in the official LEGO® Cargo Train I developed my own. So far the train has three train cars the Chemical Car, Flatbed Car with drop down sides and the Container Car. Special attention was payed to every detail from the undercarriage design to the beds of each car. I wanted them to look as good filled up with cargo as they would empty.

Swedish Cargo Company Trucks

A train is only a small part of the Swedish Cargo Company delivery system – to get the custom designed shipping containers into LEGO® City we need some trucks! The trucks use the master color scheme and integrate in the Swedish Branded shipping containers. Learn more about my process for building containers in my blog post – build your own shipping container.

LEGO® Shipping Container Truck

The European style LEGO® truck was designed in tandem with two custom shipping containers that can also be placed on the cargo train. The flag and hazard marking motifs were also carried throughout the LEGO® build.

LEGO® Shipping Containers and Supplies

The whole theme is built around a growing collection of custom designed cargo and LEGO® shipping containers. These shipping supplies are Integrated throughout the various instructions for the flatbed train car, chemical car and shipping container truck.

With each new build the collection of shipping elements grows. To handle all this cargo a new LEGO® shipping terminal is coming soon. This will help the Swedish Cargo Company serve the growing needs of LEGO® City. Stay tuned and check back for more instructions in the Swedish Cargo Company Theme.

Cargo Terminal with lego train, lego truck, shipping containers and chemical canisters

Swedish Cargo Company Theme instructions

The Swedish Cargo Company theme features a full range of shipping and transport vehicles to bring the cargo your LEGO® City needs.

Its striking blue and yellow design makes it stand out from its competitors!

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