Easy Guide to Purchasing LEGO Bricks and Parts

It is very easy to purchase the LEGO® bricks and parts you need to complete your own LEGO® builds. Follow my step-by-step guide which guides you through the process of setting up your account and purchasing the parts need. Before you know it – you will be creating your own amazing creations!

Buy the LEGO® Bricks and Parts you need

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1: Setup your account

Go to bricklink.com which is an official LEGO® owned site and sign-up for your own account. Under the menu item My BL go down to Account Info and fill in your details and your location. Your address will be used when purchasing parts to find stores that are near to you or can ship to your country.

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2: Upload your parts to a wanted list

Under the Want menu item go down to Upload. Then select the tab Upload BrickLink XML Format. On the dropdown select or create a new wanted list.

Open your BrickLink XML file in a text editor and copy all the text – then paste it into the area on the upload page. Click Proceed to Verify Items and double check your parts – then add them to the want list.

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3: Order your Parts

The easiest way to order your LEGO® parts is to go to the main Want List Page and click on the Easy Buy button. Brick Link will use your location to find the best combination of stores and prices for you. You then add the different orders to your cart and check-out.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: If you are outside the United States, Canada or Europe you may find a smaller selection of stores. Be careful and make sure that the store can ship to you and will not charge you extra for any import taxes or restrictions.

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4: Unpack and Enjoy

When you receive your parts you should double check them and leave a review for the store. Then open up the instructions and enjoy the build.

Once you have made your first bricklink.com brick order – I am sure you will be hooked! The the Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOL) Community is large and the creative building potential is endless.

LEGO® Bricks and Parts Buying Guide

These are my go to resources for researching and buying LEGO® bricks and parts.

resources For Buying LEGO® PArts

  • Purchase parts at Bricklink.com
  • View or create new builds then upload parts to Brick Link with the digital LEGO® building tool Studio
  • Rebrickable.com – A large selection of mocs, parts & instructions.
  • LEGO Pick a Brick – purchase directly from the source and grow your collection
  • Mad Mocs LEGO® Purchasing Guide

If you have a great LEGO® resource to add to this list let me know and send me a message.

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