Exploring LEGO Architecture through small modern house mockups

I was inspired to start building LEGO® again after finding some cool Architecture Mocs online. I purchased the LEGO® Guggenheim set and downloaded the 3D LEGO® Moc creation tool Studio from Brick Link and started building. I decided to loosely base the scale of the LEGO® modern houses on the Micropolis standard which says that the height of one LEGO® block is equal to one story or mini figure.

The modern house brick builds

I made three separate builds of the LEGO® modern house series – the first was fully built in 3D using Studio. The second two I used pieces from the Guggenheim set and a small Pick-a-Brick order I made.

The Block Modern

Inspired by a model I found in the LEGO® Architecture set inspirational booklet. I decided to explore an altered version of this mockup adding it into a Micropolis corner. I then added my own touches like the grill pieces for the sidewalk and elevated sidewalks.

The folding house

This build was Inspired by architecture renderings of modern houses with walls that seem to bend up and through them. I oriented the two sections of my LEGO® modern house into two separate intersecting sections, then built the main walls and roof into an interwoven S shape. I also started to play around with some larger trees now that my Pick-a-Brick order had arrived!

The Modern corneR House

I enjoyed this build and used mostly parts from the Guggenheim Set. It was interesting to build out a full corner house with a garage, driveway, lamp posts and landscaping – this I think is a Mad Moc!

Lego architecture white modern house front view

LEGO® Architecture resource guide

Websites, books, links, LEGO® Sets and Pinterest Boards to help you find inspiration for your next Architecture build. If you have additional resources please contact me so I can add them to the list.

If you have a great LEGO® resource to add to this list let me know and send me a message.

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