The State Capital Lego Architecture micro-builds

Continuing my series of Lego Architecture builds – I took a page out of Tom Alphin’s book The LEGO® Architect and built my own version of a US State Capital domed building. I ended up building two different LEGO® Mocs – the first being a much smaller build while the second was nearly twice as large.

The Lego State Capital Buildings

The State Capital LEGO® builds where inspired by Tom’s book and the LEGO® Architecture US Capital Building. I took the design of the LEGO® dome and married it with my own interpretation of what a state capital building would look like. On the Large State Capital I used the base of Tom’s domed building – then augmented it dramatically.

The Small State House

For the Small State House I used the fence piece, also seen in the LEGO® Architecture Brandenburg Gate, as the base for the building. I then built an interior with a large entry hall and side rooms with arched entrances. I made the dome removable so that you could see inside the main building.

The Lego Architect book and the lego architecture idea book

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I then took the building and elevated it with a basement level and added a grand staircase out front. No State Capital is complete without some mad cool landscaping – so I added reflecting pools, LEGO® lamp posts and bushes. I was very happy with the build but found it a little small, so I broke it down and started on a second and much larger version.

The Large State Capital Building

The Large State Capital build used far more LEGO® pieces and had a more clearly defined column entry. The sides of the building have arched windows and the dome was raised up nearly two more stories. I then built the whole structure up on to a complex platform with grass, trees and decorative tile flooring. The roof is also removable on this version of the build as well.

Lego Architecture Capital alternate build with statues, columns, domed roof and landscaping

Future Iconic LEGO® Architecture Buildings

I am looking forward to building more iconic LEGO® Architecture structures. There is the Brandenburg Gate and Lincoln Memorial in the works – there are also some great official LEGO® sets coming soon.

Lego architecture white modern house front view

LEGO® Architecture resource guide

Websites, books, links, LEGO® Sets and Pinterest Boards to help you find inspiration for your next Architecture build. If you have additional resources please contact me so I can add them to the list.

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The links below are Amazon Affiliate links – Mad Mocs receives a small commission which helps us to continue bringing you great LEGO® content.