Combat Jeep and SWAT Team with Lego instructions

The new Combat Jeep LEGO® build turned out so well I decided it was worthy of a detailed set of instructions. You can view all the parts and download my Combat Jeep Instructions on my Rebrickable’s page.

The LEGO Jeep build

I wanting to build a LEGO® Jeep that had a military or SWAT police theme to it. I settled on building a dark gray SUV type of vehicle that could serve both as a military jeep and a SWAT police strike force.

Once I had the Combat Jeep built I could then focus on the fun part – building my own custom artillery to go with it. The best part of the Combat Jeep build is the roof mounted gun and detachable bazooka that can be used on other military style LEGO® builds.

Highlights of the Combat Jeep build

The LEGO® Jeep not only looks mad cool it is also full of opportunities for engaging military style play. It is designed to hold 3 mini-figures, removable weaponry and have access through the hinged doors.

  • Holds 3 Mini Figures: the driver, gunner and 1 team member in the back.
  • Custom Bazooka: that can be detached and held by a mini-figure.
  • Roof Mounted Swivel Gun: This uses the standard lego blaster so you can create custom rockets as well.
  • Clips for your tools: accessory panels on both sides have clips to hold binoculars, tools, guns and more.
  • Rear hatch opens: you can slide a seated mini-figure in the back holding a small weapon.
  • Side doors open: room for one driver.

Combat Jeep LEGO® Instructions

I spent extra time and effort developing an easy to understand set of PDF instructions that you can download. You can also look at the full inventory of parts and order any additional LEGO® pieces you may need.

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