Lego Stunt Airplane Moc in gray and yellow

My dark gray and yellow Stunt Airplane was inspired by the 3-in-1 Race Plane and WWII bombers. I did a kit bashing of 3 different lego sets and some of my loose parts to come up with my own stylized version of a Stunt Plane.

The Stunt Plane Build

Before I could complete the Stunt Plane build I needed to get additional parts that the 3-in-1 Race Plane did not have. So I purchased the Captain Marvel Plane (mostly for the wing parts) and the War Machine Buster (for all the cool gray parts). For the yellow I already had the 3-in-1 Under Water Robot so I used it for the yellow parts of the plane – most notably I used the vehicle spoilers on the back wing flaps.

Lego stunt airplane in gray and yellow on a blue sky

The challenges of building a LEGO plane

I thought it was going to be easy using the Race Plane as a guide for my build. It turned out I needed to re-build this LEGO® Moc multiple times to get the look I wanted. I rebuilt the wings 3 times to get the right shape and the fuselage twice. The most challenging part was creating the slope and taper up to the tail of the plane.

How to build a lego brick airplane book

Recommended book for building MAd Coll LEGO® Airplanes

How to build brick LEGO® airplanes is challenging and this book gives you a wide range of technique and building ideas.

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I looked at multiple LEGO® moc samples to figure out all the different proportions – but ultimately I had to invent my own way of building it with the parts I had (A common LEGO® challenge – see my Mocs with instructions here).

The Final Stunt Plane Moc

Overall I am really happy with how the build turned out considering the limited amount of parts I had. It did prompt me to start a Brick Link wish list for more parts – so stay tuned for a sleeker version of this airplane to come. I also started collecting my references of LEGO® airplane builds that you can check out on my Pinterest page.

toy stunt airplane on a blue sky in gray and yellow

LEGO® Airplane resource guide

Websites, books, links, LEGO® Sets and Pinterest Boards to help you find inspiration for your next Airplane build. If you have additional resources please contact me so I can add them to the list.

If you have a great LEGO® resource to add to this list let me know and send me a message.

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The links below are Amazon Affiliate links – Mad Mocs receives a small commission which helps us to continue bringing you great LEGO® content.