Modern LEGO Art Museums at micropolis scale

I am hooked on micro LEGO® architecture and have moved on from houses to larger buildings. This is a series of two Modern Art Museums set into a mini-city block complete with cars and taxis.

The Modern Art Museums builds

The whole idea of building museums came after I completed the LEGO® Guggenheim Museum set. I decided to explore two diffrent museum designs with varying structural motifs. The smaller and more avant-garde LEGO® build was the the Modern Sculpture Museum followed by the larger Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Modern Sculpture Museum Build

With the Sculpture Museum build I wanted to create a large sculptural roof out of LEGO®’s that wrapped across the top of the building. To make the roof standout and provide contrast I built the main building out of white and nestled it underneath. The whole building is elevated with individual galleries protruding from the base structure – this gives the impression of floating.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Moc

This LEGO® build has a very different vibe – with the building feeling a little older (typical of city museums). The element I was most interested in building was the fronts three dimensional wall. I used 1×1 tan bricks at different levels to create a layered pattern – then raised the whole building section up over the main entrance.

The main tan building intersects with the white tower that frames the entrance. A good city museum also needs some good landscaping and an area for pick-ups and drop-offs. I imagine a city like this would be in New York so I added some iconic yellow taxis.

Lego architecture white modern house front view

LEGO® Architecture resource guide

Websites, books, links, LEGO® Sets and Pinterest Boards to help you find inspiration for your next Architecture build. If you have additional resources please contact me so I can add them to the list.

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