Build a post-apocalyptic LEGO brick wall with barbed wire

Turn your generic LEGO® brick wall into a weathered post-apocalyptic masterpiece. My simple building tips will guide you through the steps that will give it texture, depth and character. You can then take these simple details and apply them to all of your LEGO® modular buildings taking them to the next level.

Start by collecting a variety of earth toneD LEGO® brick and plates

By using a combination of dark tan, olive green and grey bricks you create the impression of wall that has mold, dirt and texture. The combination of the earth tone colors also help blend the wall into the landscape giving it a weathered and worn look.

lego brick wall with olive green, bluish grey and dark tan bricks

Step 01 the LEGO® Brick Wall Base

For the base you want to use mostly dark tan and olive green bricks. The bottom of the wall is where dirt would splash up and mold would grow.

As you move up the wall use more of the original wall color – in this case a light bluish gray. Mix regular bricks, modified masonry bricks and 1×1 round bricks.

Basic Bricks:

lego brick wall with masonry bricks and stylized broken bricks

Step 02 Small Broken Bricks

Create small broken bricks (1×1 and 1×2 in size) by stacking plates and 1×1 circle plates. Mix in some olive green and tan since these are areas that would collect dirt and mold.

I like to create a combination of 1×1 and 1×3 pre-stacked bricks. Then I can easily insert them into the LEGO® brick wall as I am building.

Plate built bricks

  • 1×1 and 1×2 plates in grey, dark tan and olive green.
  • 1×1 Round Plates (These work best if you only use one).
lego wall with vines, plants, wooden patches and protruding bricks

Step 03 Add vines, protruding bricks and patches

Integrate 1×1 modified bricks with one stud on the side into your wall.

Then attach plant leaves, tiles for protruding bricks and reddish brown or grey wall patches.

Protruding Bricks, Vines and Supports

the lego neighborhood book and the lego architecture idea book

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I love these books, they are filled with a ton of useful building tips and ideas for your buildings and city.

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broken lego wall with cracks, holes, vines and wooden tile patches

Step 04 add cracks & holes

For a post-apocalyptic landscape cracked and bombed out LEGO® brick walls are the best.

By adding slopes into the wall you can create a variety of interesting cracks and holes. A variety of slope sizes work best – these are the ones I find the most useful.

LEGO® brick wall cracks and holes

lego barbed wire wall with post-apocalyptic bombed out holes and cracks

Step 05 add barbed wire

You can leave your wall with a jagged broken top or for an apocalyptic style wall add barbed wire!

Using the light-saber bar as the base and add bar clips or mini-figure hands to mimic the look of barbed wire. Take it a step farther and add search lights like I did on my Apocalyptic Guard Tower.

Barbed wire

Take these tips and make YOUR OWN LEGO Brick Wall Buildings & More!

Now that you know the basics you can make a whole variety of broken LEGO® brick walls. Why not make your very own post-apocalyptic world. You can make a bombed out city street, walled compounds, destroyed bridges, guard towers and more. Then integrate your builds into desert wasteland – check out my desert modular landscape for ideas.

lego apocalyptic guard tower and power station brick built landscape

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The links below are Amazon Affiliate links – Mad Mocs receives a small commission which helps us to continue bringing you great LEGO® content.