Lego Cargo Train Container Car Instructions


This classic Container Car comes with a refrigerated shipping container and custom wheel undercarriage.


RECOMMENDED FOR: Adult Fans of LEGO® | Age 13+

THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE LEGO PARTS: You will need to purchase the LEGO® parts separately please review the full parts list and build notes before purchasing and read my Guide to Purchasing LEGO® Parts.


This custom designed container car has a unique flatbed design and wheel undercarriage. The brick based shipping container features a bold yellow and blue Swedish flag along with refrigeration equipment on the rear. You can easily customize the flag with any brick pattern or colors of your choice.

Container Car Build Highlights

This is not a generic flatbed – added attention was given to the details so that it looks great even when it is not carrying cargo.

  • Custom wheel undercarriage design
  • Flatbed design details
  • Swedish branded shipping container
  • Container hinged doors
  • Container refrigeration unit on the rear

Included with every purchase

The cargo train container car comes with two sets of instructions one for the train flatbed and a second for the shipping container.

  • Detailed PDF instructions
  • Separated parts lists for rebrickable and bricklink
  • 3D files to make your own customizations

This product does not include the LEGO Parts

Review the full Parts List and Build Notes before purchasing and read our Easy Guide to Purchasing LEGO® Bricks and Parts.

Parts List

If you need help buying parts take a look at our Guide to Purchasing LEGO® Parts. You can also view the parts list for the Cargo Train Container Car on


lego cargo train container car parts list

Build Notes

Over the years LEGO® has added and changed its parts inventory and whenever possible I try to provide alternate solutions for these parts below. I use Rebrickable for my link references since it has the most current database of LEGO® parts and it links to a variety of sites for purchasing like BrickLink, BrickOwl and more.

TRAIN Axle and Wheel Part Options

The axle and wheels are built in such a way that your can use both the new and legacy parts. The part used in the file is Part #: 2878c01 – an alternate option is to use the New Axle and Wheels separately:

Train Buffer Beam Options

There are 3 options for the Train Buffer Beam – the part used in the file is Part #: 64424c01– you can use any of the following 3 train buffers.

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