Lego Desert Landscape Railroad Crossing Instructions


Expand your LEGO® modular desert landscape with a custom railroad crossing, elevated road plates, interchangeable desert modules and functional railroad crossing signals.


RECOMMENDED FOR: Adult Fans of LEGO® | Age 13+

THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE LEGO PARTS: You will need to purchase the LEGO® parts separately please review the full parts list and build notes before purchasing and read my Guide to Purchasing LEGO® Parts.


Expand the LEGO® modular desert landscape with the custom railroad crossing. Each modular landscape and road plate element is fully interchangeable and works with other modular landscape builds like the Washed Out Road and Apocalyptic Wind Turbine. You can duplicate the elements in the modular system to create your own custom landscape for your own LEGO® builds.

Lego Railroad Crossing Build Highlights

The customized road plates and LEGO® desert modules raise up the crossing to the level of the train tracks. Added details like the fully functional railroad crossing signals and potholed roads create the perfect presentation for you custom LEGO® train builds.

  • LEGO® modular desert landscape and road plate modules
  • Raised railroad crossing bringing the road plate to the level of the train tracks
  • 1 custom train track section covered by sand banks
  • 1 custom train track section with ballast, plants and color texturing
  • 1 potholed and damaged road plate section
  • 2 desert slope sections
  • 2 desert plain sections
  • 2 functional railroad grossing signals – simply push down on the rear balls to raise them
  • Expandable railroad crossing signal bars – can be extended the full width of the road
  • Black 48×32 presentation frame with notch for the train tracks

Included With Every Purchase

  • Detailed PDF instructions
  • Separated parts lists for rebrickable and bricklink
  • 3D files to make your own customizations

This product does not include the LEGO Parts

Review the full Parts List and Build Notes before purchasing and read our Easy Guide to Purchasing LEGO® Bricks and Parts.

Parts List

If you need help buying parts take a look at our Guide to Purchasing LEGO® Parts.

Desert Railroad Crossing Parts

TOTAL PARTS: 874 – view on Rebrickable

lego railroad crossing parts

Railroad Crossing Signals parts

TOTAL PARTS: 142 – view on Rebrickable

lego railroad crossing signals parts

Presentation frame 48×32 with Notch for Train Tracks

TOTAL PARTS: 131 – view on Rebrickable

lego landscape frame 48 by 32 studs

Build Notes

Over the years LEGO® has added and changed its parts inventory and whenever possible I try to provide alternate solutions for these parts below.

ChanGing the length of the railroad crossing signal bars

The LEGO® railroad crossing signals work on 8 or 16 stud wide roads – so you can adjust it based on your road system or vehicle size. The parts list and instructions include enough technic connectors to extend the railroad crossing bar across the full road. For smaller 8 stud wide road lanes (as illustrated in the sample images) you remove 2 of the connectors so the bar only reaches half-way across the road.

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