Lego Powered Up Electric Locomotive Instructions – 10277 Modification


Build this smaller interpretation of the BB Ge 4/4 82 Electric Locomotive using parts from the LEGO Crocodile Locomotive along with the Powered Up system. (please review the parts list and build notes before purchasing).


RECOMMENDED FOR: Adult Fans of LEGO® | Age 13+

THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE LEGO PARTS & USES THE POWERED UP LINE OF HUBS AND MOTORS: You will need to purchase the LEGO® parts separately please review the full parts list and build notes before purchasing. For help buying parts read my Guide to Purchasing LEGO® Parts.


This LEGO® Powered Up Electric Locomotive is a shorter version of the BB Ge 4/4 82 Train Engine. It is a modification of the LEGO Crocodile Locomotive Set #10277 but requires additional parts and the Powered Up blue tooth hub and train engine (please review the parts list and build notes before purchasing).

Electric Locomotive Build Highlights

The LEGO® Electric Locomotive is built in reddish brown which creates a weathered looking Powered Up train engine. Some of the amazing build ideas from the LEGO Crocodile Locomotive are integrated into the build created a unique small electric locomotive for your LEGO® City train yard.

  • Powered Up – using one bluetooth hub and train motor
  • Easily removable roof for access to the battery box
  • Crocodile Locomotive Set 10277 details like printed tiles and the pantograph design
  • Unique weathered reddish brown style
  • Looks great running in both directions

Included with every purchase

  • Detailed PDF instructions
  • Separated parts lists for rebrickable and bricklink
  • 3D files to make your own customizations

This product does not include the LEGO Parts

Review the full Parts List and Build Notes before purchasing and read our Easy Guide to Purchasing LEGO® Bricks and Parts.

Parts List

If you need help buying parts take a look at our Guide to Purchasing LEGO® Parts. You can also view the parts list for the Powered Up Electric Locomotive on


lego bricks and parts to build an electric locomotive train engine

Build Notes

Over the years LEGO® has added and changed its parts inventory and whenever possible I try to provide alternate solutions for these parts below. I use Rebrickable for my link references since it has the most current database of LEGO® parts and it links to a variety of sites for purchasing like BrickLink, BrickOwl and more.


You will need the correct LEGO® Powered Up Hub, Motor and Train Components for this build. Do not use the file to source these parts since it does not currently support the correct items – use the supplied parts lists. The Powered Up Parts you will need are:

  • Powered Up Hub battery box: #28738
  • Powered Up train motor: #28740
  • Train motor decorative side with open hub: #2871b
  • 2x Technic axles 6: #3706
  • 4x Train wheels with technic axle hole and rubber friction band: #57999

MINI-FIGURE RED HAND (Electrical connection)

The mini-figure red hand #3820 is considered a sub-part and you would need to remove it from one of your own min-figures. You will not be able to buy this part separately-  so if you do not have you will need to find or purchase a mini-figure with red hands.