Powered Up Electric Locomotive in Yellow Lego Instructions


The LEGO® Electric Locomotive in yellow is the perfect addition to the Swedish Cargo Company Theme. It is inspired by the BB Ge 4/4 82 train engine but built at a smaller size and integrated with the Powered Up system.


RECOMMENDED FOR: Adult Fans of LEGO® | Age 13+

THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE LEGO PARTS & USES THE POWERED UP LINE OF HUBS AND MOTORS: You will need to purchase the LEGO® parts separately please review the full parts list and build notes before purchasing. For help buying parts read my Guide to Purchasing LEGO® Parts.


This LEGO® Powered Up Swedish Electric Locomotive was inspired by the BB Ge 4/4 82 Train Engine. It is a great addition to the Swedish Cargo Company Theme and your expanding LEGO® City Train and shipping infrastructure. It uses the modern bluetooth Powered Up Hub and Train Engine and sports a stylish yellow, grey and blue design.

Swedish Electric Locomotive Build Highlights

The Swedish LEGO® Electric Locomotive has a custom designed yellow train cab that houses the Powered Up bluetooth hub. It use the electric pantograph from the LEGO Crocodile Locomotive and features a custom roof that can be removed easily to access the battery box.

  • Powered Up – using one bluetooth hub and train motor
  • Easily removable roof for access to the battery box
  • Custom yellow, gray and blue Swedish inspired design
  • Elaborate pantograph and electric connections
  • Dual-direction work horse for you LEGO® train yard

Included with every purchase

  • Detailed PDF instructions
  • Separated parts lists for rebrickable and bricklink
  • Studio.io 3D files to make your own customizations

This product does not include the LEGO® Parts

Review the full Parts List and Build Notes before purchasing and read our Easy Guide to Purchasing LEGO® Bricks and Parts.

Parts List

If you need help buying parts take a look at our Guide to Purchasing LEGO® Parts. You can also view the parts list for the Powered Up Swedish Electric Locomotive in Yellow on rebrickable.com.


lego train parts list for a yellow electric lego train engine

Build Notes

Over the years LEGO® has added and changed its parts inventory and whenever possible I try to provide alternate solutions for these parts below. I use Rebrickable for my link references since it has the most current database of LEGO® parts and it links to a variety of sites for purchasing like BrickLink, BrickOwl and more.


You will need the correct LEGO® Powered Up Hub, Motor and Train Components for this build. Do not use the Studio.io file to source these parts since it does not currently support the correct items – use the supplied parts lists. The Powered Up Parts you will need are:

  • Powered Up Hub battery box: #28738
  • Powered Up train motor: #28740
  • Train motor decorative side with open hub: #2871b
  • 2x Technic axles 6: #3706
  • 4x Train wheels with technic axle hole and rubber friction band: #57999

MINI-FIGURE RED HAND (Electrical connection)

The mini-figure red hand #3820 is considered a sub-part and you would need to remove it from one of your own min-figures. You will not be able to buy this part separately-  so if you do not have you will need to find or purchase a mini-figure with red hands.