Lego Crocodile Locomotive to Steampunk Engine Alternate Build


Take the LEGO Crocodile Locomotive Set 10277 and turn it into a Steampunk Styled Engine with our easy to follow pdf instructions. Featuring an exposed engine, fully designed cab with room for one mini-figure and classic steam engine wheel configuration.


RECOMMENDED FOR: Adult Fans of LEGO® | Age 13+

THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE LEGO PARTS: You need to purchase the LEGO® Crocodile Locomotive Set 10277-1 or the LEGO® parts separately. Review the full parts list and build notes before purchasing and read our Guide to Purchasing LEGO® Parts.


A steampunk stylized train locomotive with a steal rimmed framed and exposed engine. Features a fully outfitted control cab, swooped back aerodynamic roof and industrial styling.

Locomotive Build Highlights

Take a totally different perspective on what a train engine is – this imaginary steampunk style train is all about creating a fun build with no rules.

  • Exposed engine block
  • Steal framed exterior
  • Swooped back / hot rod style roof
  • Fully outfitted control cab that fits one mini-figure
  • Railings and headlamps
  • Use of the custom printed tiles

When you are completed with the build you can present it on the original track display stand – this build does not use any of the parts from the original track.

This is not a powered up model and is only intended for display purposes.

Included with every purchase

  • Detailed PDF instructions
  • Separated parts lists for rebrickable and bricklink
  • 3D files to make your own customizations

This product does not include the LEGO Parts

Review the full Parts List and Build Notes before purchasing and read our Easy Guide to Purchasing LEGO® Bricks and Parts.

Parts List

If you need help buying parts take a look at our Guide to Purchasing LEGO® Parts. You can also view the parts list for the Steampunk Crocodile Locomotive on


rebrickable steampunk crocodile locomotive

Build Notes

Over the years LEGO® has added and changed its parts inventory and whenever possible I try to provide alternate solutions for these parts below.

Crocodile Locomotive Specialty Printed Parts

If you do not own the official LEGO® Crocodile Locomotive Set you will need to add these specialty printed parts to your Brick Link purchase. The file does not include these speciality tiles and they have been replaced with the standard blank tiles.

Train Buffer Beam Options

There are 3 options for the Train Buffer Beam – the part used in the file is Item No: 64424c01– you can use any of the following 3 train buffers.

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