lego cargo train engine instructions for a yellow electric locomotive



Check out the easy to follow PDF instructions and parts list to make your own LEGO® creations. Not sure how to buy individual LEGO® parts? Read my easy to follow guide to Buying LEGO® Bricks.

*NO LEGO PARTS ARE INCLUDED only digital pdf Instructions, parts lists & files.

New LEGO® Moc Instructions


Expand your LEGO® City layout with the Swedish Cargo Company. This theme incorporates Swedens blue and yellow colors into a line of trains, trucks, shipping containers and more.

LEGO® Apocalypse THEME

The Lego City we all know and love crumbled into post apocalyptic chaos after a droid up-rising. To battle these robot armies the brave citizens of Lego City banded together in remote outposts to fight back with custom combat vehicles and armament.

Lego Apocalypse Theme

LEGO® City Trains

Build out your LEGO® City Train Yard with a full line of Locomotives and Cargo Trains. All the instructions you need from railroad crossings to trains cars and more.

Lego City Train Yard with an american freight train, shunter and electric train
Lego mini-modular house instructions to build it out of lego bricks in white, gray and medium azure

LEGO® Bricks and Parts Buying Guide

If you are a new Adult Fan of LEGO® (AFOL) and you are not sure how to find or buy new LEOG® parts check out my Easy Purchasing Guide and my go to resources below.

resources For Buying LEGO® PArts

  • Purchase parts at
  • View or create new builds then upload parts to Brick Link with the digital LEGO® building tool Studio
  • – A large selection of mocs, parts & instructions.
  • LEGO Pick a Brick – purchase directly from the source and grow your collection