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Buy custom Moc instructions

The instructions come with a detailed step by step PDF building guide, 3D build file and integrated parts list.

Not sure how to buy individual LEGO® parts? Read my easy to follow guide to Purchasing Bricks and Parts.

New LEGO® Moc Instructions

Check out and buy my recent LEGO® Mocs with easy to follow downloadable PDF instructions and parts list. All of my LEGO® creations are original and the instructions are based on real-life builds.


Expand your LEGO® City layout with the Swedish Cargo Company. This theme incorporates Swedens blue and yellow colors into a line of trains, trucks, shipping containers and more.

LEGO® City Trains

Update your LEGO® City railroad with a range of train from large freight to smaller electric locomotives and cargo trains.

Lego City Train Yard with an american freight train, shunter and electric train