The magical world of LEGO Castles inspired by Jeff Friesen

I recently purchased the LEGO® Castle book by Jeff Friesen and was inspired to create my own. I started building my first LEGO® castle in a 3D design program called Studio – I based the idea on one of Jeff’s designs. Once I was happy with the build I ordered my bricks from Brick Link. I then took the bricks I had ordered and played around with several new castle variations.

My LEGO® Castle micro builds

I built three castles in total – the first Castle Rock went through several variations until I settled on the final version with the church and windmill. For the other two Drawbridge Outpost and Falling water I used the actual bricks and enjoyed the creative process of a physical build.

Planning the Castle Rock LEGO® build

This was my first LEGO® castle build using the mockups from Jeff Friesen’s book as a guide. I did the full build in Studio by Brick Link and then ordered the parts. I did order extra bricks just in case I wanted to build out a LEGO® micro town.

As you can see in the above 3D mocs the final version I settled on differed from my original design. Once I had built the castle with real bricks I realized that there was too much going on and I wanted to simplify it. I ultimately removed the two side towers and added in the church and windmill. Overall I am was very happy with the build process and I can’t wait to build more castles!

lego castle built on towering rocks with the castle, bridges, church and windmill

LEGO® Fantasy & Castle resource guide

Websites, books, links, LEGO® Sets and websites to help you find inspiration for your next Castle build. If you have additional resources please contact me so I can add them to the list.

If you have a great LEGO® resource to add to this list let me know and send me a message.

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