Victorian Lego House a Mini Modular Build with instructions

Inspired by the LEGO® Modular Houses I decided to build my own micro version of a Victorian House with instructions. The house features sparkling stained glass windows and a full 360˚ design that includes a detailed rear entrance.

The Victorian Modular LEGO Build

I love doing micro-builds and creating a modular house that can work with the Micropolis standard seemed like a logical next step. Additionally the larger LEGO® Modulars are beautiful but way to big for my current collection of pieces. So I set out to build my own mini-modular house.

lego house with ivy, blue roof, flag and stained galss windows

The Modular House Build Highlights

It was important to me that all sides of the house be designed for maximum impact and interest with small details like wall ivy and a drain pipe on the back of the house. This corner house can be stacked next to other houses or live on it’s own – a perfect opportunity for you to add some great landscaping!

  • 360˚ design / all sides of the house
  • Three stories
  • Main floor stained glass windows
  • Back entrance
  • Bushes and wall ivy
  • Flag, drain pipe and chimney
Lego mini-modular house instructions to build it out of lego bricks in white, gray and medium azure

Detailed PDF Instructions

I always create well thought out and easy to follow PDF instructions for each of my builds. I want the build experience to be as easy and enjoyable as possible – No digging through 3D files or pausing a movie for every step.

Lego Monastery of Spinjitzu turned into a Garden Teahouse instructions

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